Saturday, 2 July 2011

Carlton Ware

36. Carlton Ware biscuit barrel, 'Raspberry' design.

I have a motley collection of pottery in the house. These Carlton Ware pieces must have been wedding presents for my parents in the thirties. There were a feature of my childhood, but the inner rim of the biscuit barrel became chipped and the sauce boat lost its leaf shaped saucer so they were abandoned on a shelf in my mother's pantry. I've had them on display in my kitchen for years, attracted by their colours and their ridiculous designs.

37. Pottery ornament, unmarked 33 x30cm.

This is another ornament that I acquired many years ago from home. My father carted it back from somewhere on the continent in the years before he was married. His growing interest in fine china meant that I could carry off this large, lumpy object as soon as I had a home of my own to put it in. It sits on our dining room windowcill where I regard it with affection.  

38. Religious pottery, maker and purpose unknown.

 We spotted this ornament whilst driving through Wales on our way to crew on a friend's boat. It was one of a pair in 'Antiques Unlimited' in Cardiff, priced five pounds, ten shillings each. It is evidence of the state of our finances at the time that we couldn't afford to buy the pair and came out of the shop with just this one. 


  1. I like No 34 very much. No 35 would never have been a pair; he might have had two, but that was coincidence. There is a wonderful collection of similar flat back Staffordshire pottery in the Brighton museum. The 'purpose' is to put 'holy water' in the receptacle, dip your finger into the magic water, then draw spooky wet symbols onto your forehead.... what this is supposed to do for you I HAVE NO IDEA.

  2. Dear Cro, Thank you for explaining the function - I feared as much!