Thursday, 13 October 2011

Flower vase

69. Strathearn glass flower vase,
green and blue with copper aventurine inclusions.

This vase was a wedding present to my parents in the 1930's. My mother rarely picked flowers from the garden but it is something that I have always enjoyed.  The fluted rim provides a wonderful structure for holding and displaying whatever motley collection of flowers are placed in it. It fulfills the tenet, 'form follows function'. This vase was such a favourite of mine that at my own wedding I was given a large, green Strathearn glass vase of my own, a present from my much loved Auntie Ann. The rim of that vase is unfluted and does not display the flowers so well.
Some years ago my mother gave me her own.  


  1. I do believe that is the most beautiful vase I have ever seen. I would like to repectfully request you leave it to me at your demise. But please, do not leave soon as I love this blog.

  2. Not only beautiful, but also very clever. A perfect demonstration of man in complete control of his medium.

  3. It's beautiful....I love the speckles swirling around at the top. Shame to fill it with flowers and hide the rim.

  4. Dear Donna, I'm not planning to go anywhere other than on holiday! I'm finding this blog interesting to do, choosing objects that have little or no significance for anyone else but which are meaningful to me. I'm trying to put them in some sort of life order, but it's tricky.
    I would love to see the objects that other bloggers might choose to describe their lives.

    Dear Cro, Yes, craftsmanship like this is a delight.

    Dear Babyjohn, the vase displays itself well with just a few flowers, I use other containers if I'm going to go 'over the top'!

  5. Hi
    I am a collector of Monart glass, in my opinion your vase is a piece of Monart rather than Strathearn,which makes much more collectable.Your vase is in the Monart Catalogue as shape HB and the colour code is 364.
    Strathearn glassworks in Crieff (Scotland) started production in 1961.

    1. Thank you so much for this information, Gary. My aunt lived at Strathallan, near Crieff, and bought my wedding present in the '60s.