Thursday, 20 December 2012


94. Brass dog tag.

This tag was bought by one of our daughters for Bella, the first smooth fox terrier that I owned. On the reverse it is inscribed with her name and our telephone number. After Bella's death her relative, Maisie, took ownership of the tag with a promise from me that once she had learnt to read I would buy her a new one and put her name on it.
Maisie was my constant companion for ten happy years. She never learnt to read but she was adored and adoring and possessed a heart of gold.

95. Infant identity tag.

This small plastic hospital identity tag changed my life for ever. It turned me into someone else, a mother.


  1. I think that's as nice a souvenir as a photo. We keep dog and cat collars too.

    6 more to go!

    1. Have you noticed that I've slowed to a snail's pace, Cro? It's because I'm unsure exactly which objects I should include. The final two I know about, which leaves a choice of only 3.
      I'm waiting for you to start on your list, to include the plumb line.

  2. I bet she never learnt to read on purpose Rosemary. Take care.

    1. She certainly had skills such as 'terrier deafness', the ability not to hear whenever it suited!

  3. I have called in here before.... because I loved your dust sheet post..... its good to have put the 2 blogs together in my mind now I'll have to explore the 3rd one.
    I have a small collection of dog ( and cat ) tags..... and still feel sad when I see "Lucy"'s..our gorgeous springer who died 3 years ago. So sorry about Maisie.

  4. Dear Janice, thank you for your comment. I'm very sad without Maisie; always the downside of losing the wonderfully loving relationship that exists between dog and owner.

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