Friday, 21 January 2011

Danish figurine

5. Danish ceramic figurine.

This little figure, standing 8 inches high, was a present to my parents from my mother's Danish friend, who translated it's title from, 'the girl with the beautiful back' to, 'the girl with the beautiful behind.' Because this interpretation was funny it became the title that was always used. 

My parents thought that the figurine was rather like me, prone as I was to running about the garden in a state of undress, with my hair, free of restricting plaits, an untidy tangle.
My mother was always keen to relate examples of my wild behaviour in childhood, a favourite being the occasion when I was spotted by our very correct, childless neighbour, Mrs Bolwell. She peered over the fence to see me in the strawberry bed, stark naked, twirling my knickers in one hand whilst picking and eating strawberries with the other.
"Eatin' 'tawbs."

Richmael Compton missed a trick when she failed to include me in Just Wiliam's gang!


  1. A really beautiful figurine. My only criticism would be that the artist should have paid a little more attention to the hair; the rest is superb. Par contre, your picture makes you look like a mermaid.

  2. An appropriate comment, Cro, as in this photo I was sitting on the stream bank with my toes/tail in the water!

  3. How cute - the figurine is nice as well.

  4. I love this object as well as the premise of 100 objects! Keep up the good work. Thanks for dropping by.

  5. Kevin, I hope you like object no. 5, my father's dressing gown.
    Rather Hollywood?.