Thursday, 27 January 2011

Travel bag

8.  Travel bag.

My father used this bag for many years. He must have been traveling with it when he first met my mother on the boat to Zeebrugge in the mid 1930's. She was going to stay with friends in Denmark and he setting out for a painting holiday in Europe. He ended up in San Sebastian and the hotel sticker is prominently displayed. He had obviously made a note of my mother's journey home because he was waiting at the dockside on her return!
A large oil painting of my father's, with a view of the harbour and bay of San Sebastian, hung above the fireplace in my parents' bedroom for many years.

Some of the other hotel stickers remind me of later family holidays. Before there was an airport on the Balearic island of Ibiza we would stay at a hotel on the Ramblas in Barcelona and catch the overnight boat to the island, arriving in the morning after breakfast on board. I think that there is something very special about arrivals and departures by boat.


  1. What a wonderful bag, do you still use it for travels? Thanks for sharing the lovely story of your mum and dads meeting as well, quite romantic!

  2. What a lucky girl you are having all those objects - their beauty and the stories behind seems to make a "good luggage" for the whole life.

  3. Dear Gary, it has become other era luggage, rather heavy even with nothing in it! Also it is a precious object for me, I don't want to lose the labels. And thirdly, one of my daughters has claimed it!

    Dear Bozena, yes, you are very perceptive, I've got "good luggage".

  4. I recently tried to remove some old White Star Line labels from a suitcase that I was throwing out, but unfortunately they disintegrated... as had done the suitcase.

    Your bag would make a wonderful film prop. 'Three Coins in a Fountain' perhaps?