Wednesday, 10 August 2011


49. Baking booklet from the 1940's

This was my first cookery book, much used, and just about hanging together by means of some masking tape. It is not a pretty sight, but the recipes are excellent and still used. A friend recently bought me the full-colour update, in which the ingredients are no longer limited by rationing!

50. Icing set

Having children meant mastering the art of cake decoration, and this 'Nutbrown' set saw a lot of action on birthdays and special occasions. 

51. Plaster cakes, 4cm diameter

Work took me to London on a regular basis. I always tried to find a small present to bring home for my daughters when they were young. Luckily the Harrods store sold a good selection of doll's house food. This tiny plate of 'fancies' is all that has survived.


  1. My favourite cookbook was an updated version of the one my Mom had. Mine is now totally destroyed and hers (which I am now priviledged to have) is practically mint.

  2. My mother had the exact same icing set; I wish I still had it. It was complete with box when I last saw it.

    However, I do still have my mother's cook books. She had just TWO. One came with her gas cooker, and was called 'The Radiation Cook Book' (would they use that name now?); the other was Elizabeth David's 'French Country Cooking'.... so we ate rather well.

    I personally have about 30-40 cook books, but the 'Radiation' book is probably consulted more than most. It contains all the good-old-fashioned preserving recipes.

  3. Dear Delores, my decrepit little booklet will have started out as my mother's. I think that it will have come free along with the purchase of Bero flour. I have a great many cookery books, including the 40th edition of Bero, but I still like this one best for cakes and biscuits.

    Dear Cro, the icing set doesn't see much action these days. I made a birthday cake for a friend a few years ago and he got quite emotional because no one had made him an iced cake before! (Mine are not very professional looking, but fun.)