Monday, 22 August 2011


56. Knitted vest.

When my first child was born, my friend, Glennis, taught herself to knit and created a very funky pair of bootees. Flushed with this success, she moved on to children's jumpers of ever increasing complexity. After a while I put in a request of my own, for the patterned vest above. I was delighted with the result and quite fancied a night-time version in dark purples and blues. It never materialised. She'd had quite enough of knitting by then, thank you very much and my green vest is the last knitted garment that she made.

She moved on to altogether bigger things, as co-founder of  'Creative Recycling.'


  1. As I believe is normal, Lady Magnon took up knitting whilst pregnant with Magnon junior No 1. She 'created' a jumper of many colours that was so small it would have fitted a tortoise. She tried to force him into it, but gave up. Yours, on the other hand, is very chic!

  2. Cro, I always enjoy your comments, they open up a bit of your life to me and so often have a link with mine. This one made me laugh!