Thursday, 12 January 2012


77. Fortnum and Mason wicker hamper.

On the morning of Christmas Eve a few years ago a courier struggled up the garden path with a large present for me. Oh, joy - it was a hamper from Fortnum and Mason, absolutely packed with goodies! The family and their partners were arriving later that day so I opened the hamper on the kitchen floor and examined the contents. There was everything that a hostess could wish for to add to her celebratory meals. 
We were feasting all week!
The hamper has been re-stocked and taken on various outings since then, the F&M logo adding a bit of style to happy occasions!


  1. I got an 'S & M' hamper this year. It took ages to undo the padlocks.

  2. We have an old one too. My late father used to send F & M Christmas hampers to his cronies.... he even bought one for us.

  3. Fruitcake, Tom?

    Your father sounds like someone to love, Cro. Hampers for cronies, how delicious!