Thursday, 12 January 2012

Nativity set

75. Pottery nativity set

We bought this nativity set many years ago, in the week before Christmas, from a pottery in the narrow streets around Palma cathedral. Its simplicity is charming, the sheep made from just a squidge of clay with four nails for legs.
Several years after having bought it my parents took our elder daughter to Majorca to recouperate from a serious illness. She was ten years old and insisted on an expedition to the pottery, although she could not remember exactly where it was. My parents told me later that it took a lot of finding!
They bought this black and white Spanish bull to add to our nativity set.

76. Boxer dog.

And because my own childhood had been spent with a faithful boxer dog as companion my father bought me this dog as a momento, (although Bruce was a brindle boxer and an altogether more solid character!)


  1. I think these are the first of your collection on which I'm not particularly keen! Two out of 76... not bad!

  2. Yes, sentiment rules here, Cro. But I'm very flattered by your approval of the remaining 74!