Sunday, 13 February 2011


16. Wooden and string giraffe

 This toy giraffe was how I used to occupy my fingers and my imagination in childhood. By careful manipulation of the base he could be made to 'walk' and 'talk'. Long conversations were had with my giraffe, who would listen politely before nodding his head in agreement. (He was quite a good dancer as well.)

17. Wood and string brooch 

My father brought this brooch of a climber's boots and pick as a present for me from the Lake District. I was not impressed. He had taken my older brother  to the lakes for a walking weekend, leaving me, a mere girl, at home.  Although fond of brooches I don't recall ever having worn this one. 
Do you think that I was consoled by being brought a present? Not on your life!
I don't know why I have kept it.


  1. Oh! I used to have a Muffin (the Mule) like that (the giraffe)!

  2. And we have a horse :)
    I think that you kept the climber's boots to never forget how cruel life could be. Just kidding, of course.

  3. I'm almost certain I had that giraffe too. I still buy the modern versions for my grandchildren.

    My father used to spend one holiday each year in the Lakes. He'd always bring back Kendal Mint Cake; my favourite was the brown one!

  4. Dear Tom, Bozena and Cro - kindred spirits! And I'm delighted to learn that they are still being made.