Thursday, 3 February 2011

Terracotta figurine

14. Spanish terracotta figurine

This figurine, seven inches high, of a nursemaid and her charge, made the long journey through Spain and France in the back of our car some time in the 1950's. All that is missing half a century later is a bit of one finger.
Before air travel became commonplace we went on holiday in the family car. Leaving England seemed exciting then because the car had to be hoisted high by means of ropes and chains to board the cross channel ferry. My father's cars were what were then known as,'shooting brakes' and had plenty of space in which to pack all sorts of clobber, and, more importantly, to bring all manner of things back home; pointed amphora, assorted pottery and on one occasion a large decorative column that was stored beneath my feet and had me chewing my knees throughout the return trip.

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  1. How things have changed. I was once returning to the UK from Miami, where the favoured 'souvenir' of the English holidaymaker (I was not one of them) was foam rubber stetson hats. My plane was filled with idiots wearing stacks of the wretched hats, piled up one above the other. What a difference from your terracotta figure!