Thursday, 3 February 2011


11. Child's Spanish handkerchief.

On holidays as a child I collected sugar paper wrappers. Sugar cubes and sachets were used for advertising in every little street cafe and hotel and it was possible to amass quite a considerable collection, even in a fortnight. Needless to say, they were not objects destined for long keeping!
But this child's handkerchief, having a practical use, is a souvenir that has survived, together with object number twelve, one of several old vinyl records, rendered mute because I no longer have the equipment on which to play them .

12. Record of traditional Catalan dance music.

13. Oil painting by Walter Atkinson.

 This painting by my father hangs in my kitchen in Yorkshire. I can remember that it was  completed at home on our return from a holiday in Spain because I had to sit on a cushion over an armchair to pose for him! My long hair had been given an 'urchin' cut while we had been away, so I made a good stand in for a Spanish boy.