Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Pocket watch

20. Victorian pocket watch
This silver pocket watch was a present given to me by a fellow art student. He bought it, although it wasn't working, because there were roses on the clock face, suitable for me, and because it was a lovely object. I think that he paid about three pounds for it. It has lain in its box for very many years. 
Last autumn I took  the watch to the jewelers and asked if it was worth repairing. I was assured that it was. It cost me one hundred and forty-five pounds to put back into good working order and it is still sitting in its box. Now I need to buy a suitable watch chain so that I can wear it in my waistcoat pocket.
It is becoming an expensive momento! 


  1. Handsome and elegant - well worth another £25 for a chain!

  2. One thinks of pocket watches as being rather masculine, but with that face it must have been a lady's watch. It deserves use!

    Are you really up to No 17 already?

  3. Such a beautiful watch, and well worth any expense to get it going. I have been on the lookout for a watch just like it, with that extra 'something' that makes it both unique and lovely to look at, for my treasure chest...and it would seem that you got there first! A silver or pewter chain would round it off perfectly.

  4. Well, thank you Boys, permission to go shopping for a nice silver watch chain!